Mantua, Italy Mantua, Italy

Mantua, Italy

Mantua is a very ancient town: it has got Etruscan origins, but it flourished in the age of the Communes and, above all, during the long Gonzaga seigniory (1328-1707). The Commune and the short seigniory of Bonacolsi family left important buildings, such as Palazzo Bonacolsi, Palazzo del Podestà, Palazzo della Ragione, and churches such as San Lorenzo rotunda and Santa Maria del Gradaro. Palazzo Ducale – the Ducal Palace - is the main sign of the Gonzaga seigniory: it is one of the largest Italian palaces, counting about 500 rooms and several internal squares, courtyards and gardens. The other magnificent building left by the Gonzaga family in Mantua is Palazzo Te, which was built and frescoed by Giulio Romano (1525 to 1535): you will surely admire Sala dei Giganti, Amore e Psiche and Cavalli – the rooms illustrating the Fall of the Giants, the Tale of Love and Psyche and Gonzaga's horses.

Mantua, Italy
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