Monaco – Turin Monaco – Turin

Monaco – Turin

On this relatively short stage you leave the Mediterranean Sea behind and head inland and up over the Alps before descending into the fertile basin centred on the bustling city of Turin.

Starting (or ending) in glamorous Monte Carlo, EuroVelo 8 initially continues along the Mediterranean coastline but soon after crossing the Italian border the route heads northwards and almost immediately starts to rise.  After briefly re-entering France, EuroVelo 8 returns to Italy just after the highest point on the entire route - the Col de Tende – which is also one of the highest mountain passes in the Alps. 

Whilst scaling the Col gives you a tremendous sense of achievement, not everyone will want to spend their free time tackling something so strenuous, so if you are looking for something more relaxing why not try out the next stage to the west along the River Po? 

Of course after reaching the top, there is only one way to go and that’s down - through attractive alpine villages and into the basin of the River Po.  The stage ends in Turin, where there will be lots of opportunities to impress people with your tales of scaling the mighty Col de Tende!

  • 1,870
    M Elevation of
    The Col de TENDe
  • 4
    major rivers pass
    through turin
  • 1863
    opening of the
    monte carlo casino


  • Truffle of Alba, Italy

    Piedmont means super cuisine and excellent wines.The true star of Piedmont’s cuisine is the white truffle of Alba, whose intense aroma can enhance the flavour of “plain” food like poached eggs or turn a dish of “tajarin” (fresh hand made pasta) or raw beef into something exquisite.Piedmont’s most famous white and red wines include: Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Gavi and Asti Spumante.

  • Jean Cocteau Museum, France

    Located at the foot of the old town of Menton, facing the covered market and near the sea front, the Jean Cocteau Museum Collection Severin Wunderman opened in November 2011. Inspired by the many facets of the genius Cocteau, architect Rudy Var Ricciotti chose to imagine a museum evoking a shell abandoned by the sea. The poet's work in all its facets is presented over 2700 m², from the 1910s to the 1950s and offers visitors the exhibition of collections and temporary exhibition spaces, an educational workshop, a graphic arts firm, a space for documentary resources and a bookstore.

  • Lemon of Menton, France

    One of the symbols of the region, Menton lemons differ slightly from their Italian, Spanish or Corsican cousins. Every year a lemon festival is held in honour of the special fruit. To protect this local botanical heritage, specimens of the lemon tree are kept within the citrus collection of the garden of Carnoles Palace. Copyright Flickr alasar

  • The Maritime Alps Nature Park, Italy

    The Maritime Alps Nature Park is the largest protected area in Piedmont and already figures among the largest parks in Italy. It shares a 35 km border with the French Mercantour Park and is rich in rivers, waterfalls and lakes. Moreover, the park boasts an enormous floral heritage made up of more than 2.600 different species, and, concerning fauna, there is a significant presence of marmots, hares, ermines, stone martens and chamois.

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