Beziers - Monaco Beziers - Monaco

Beziers - Monaco

Take a trip along this part of EuroVelo 8 and you’ll be mingling with the stars on the red carpets of Nice, Cannes and Monte Carlo. It is perhaps the most glamorous stage in the entire EuroVelo network! And that’s just for starters. The route also takes you close to the Roman city of Nimes, the Palace of the Popes in Avignon and France’s second largest city, Marseille. This stage of the Mediterranean Route has much to offer whether you are looking for a short day trip, a weekend break or something longer.

Starting (or ending) in the cathedral city of Bezier – one of the oldest cities in France – the route initially sticks close to the coastline but avoids the Camargue by heading inland towards the attraction-packed towns and cities of Nimes, Arles and Avignon.  The route then winds its way through the beautiful back roads and villages of Provence – the inspiration for many an artist over the years – before reconnecting with the Mediterranean again close to Cannes, famous the world over for its annual film festival.  

For this final stretch of the stage, from Cannes to Monaco, you won’t be short of distractions, from inviting beaches with turquoise waters to beautiful restaurants using the region’s delicious local produce. 

Located close to this stage is Marseille, the largest French city on the Mediterranean Coast, which is definitely worth a detour.  Since 2013, when it was the European Capital of Culture, it has become an increasingly popular short break destination, with many new attractions for locals and visitors alike.  


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  • 575
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    In Beziers
  • 4
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  • Lavender Fields of Provence, France

    The air is rich with the scent of Lavender and all you see is vivid purple rows. You can only be in one place: Provence. Famous for these iconic fields, let your senses indulge in this haven of colour, smells and feeling. There is certainly no better way of seeing these than by bike. Photo credit: Francois Philipp (

  • Camargue, France

    The Camargue Region is one of the largest river delta's in Europe. EuroVelo skirts around the edges of the most picturesque of landscapes rich in fauna and flora. In particular, look out for the iconic white horses and pink flamingos, it is a surreal to think that you are only between two of the largest cities on the french mediterranean coast: Montpellier and Marseille. Photo credit: Jeremy Atkinson (

  • Picasso Museum, France

    Built on the site of the Greek acropolis, in turn castrum Roman, medieval castle, Lordly house before becoming the Picasso Museum. The castle Grimaldi of Antibes reflects the glorious past of ancient Antipolis, full of almost three Millenniums. Besides works done by the artist during his Antibes period, the Picasso museum also houses many paintings of Nicolas de Stael, Antibes adoption, Hans Hartung and Anna-Eva Bergman. Alongside outstanding exhibitions and retrospectives, the acquisition of many contemporary works (Light, Atlan, Magnelli, Ernst, Picabia, Modigliani, Pagès) contributes to its influence in the world. © losvizzero (Flickr)

  • Grasse, France

    Grasse is known as the "capital of flowers and perfumes." In the eighteenth century the perfume, which replaced the tannery, is booming. In the nineteenth century, the flower crops and manufacture of perfumes Grasse give international fame. The opening of the new International Perfume Museum in 2008 is the historical witness, heritage and culture of this industry. Photo credit: Ondablv (

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