Barcelona – Beziers Barcelona – Beziers

Barcelona – Beziers

This section straddles the French and Spanish border – linking the Catalan-speaking communities in each country – and whilst the big draw will inevitably be the exciting city of Barcelona, there is lots more to discover in the area.

Levels of cycling are growing in Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, with the city’s public bike hire system, Bicing, proving to be very popular and calls to extend the network to the surrounding area.  Investments have also been made in the cycling infrastructure, so even if you are only visiting the city for a short break, cycling should still feature in your plans. 


For those heading further afield, in the province of Girona to the north you will find a well-developed network of cycle routes and in particular the Pirinexus route.  The relevant sections of this 353 km route have been signed with EuroVelo 8, which in fact were the first examples of EuroVelo signing in Spain.  The Pirinexus route will also take you over the border into France although the crossing point is some way inland due to the lack of space on the coastline in this area.

Pirinexus passes through 53 towns and 8 different counties in total, and combines stretches of the greenways with other cyclable routes such as rural roads or tracks with low levels of traffic.


353 kilometers of cyclable routes that link the Girona region with the South of France, all set for pedaling!


  • 40.5
    °C Record HIGH
    temp in Perpignan
  • 353
    km of the
    Pirinexus network
  • 6,000
    bikes in the
    Bicing network


  • La Narbonnaise, France

    As you enter the French Department of Aude, you reach the protected area of ‘La Narbonnaise’. For the next 50km you will be plunged in this cultural landscape with its pristine coastline, rocky terrain and wetlands. The evaporation ponds that follow the coastline make use of this ancient technology to extract salt from sea water. At the end of this time-travel experience, the picturesque city of Narbonne gently lulls you back to civilisation. © (

  • The Fortifications of Vauban, France

    The Fortications of Vauban are 2 groups of fortified buildings and sites along the borders of France. Sebastien Le Prestre de Vauban, who served as a military engineer of King Louis XIV, was the head behind the designs of these buildings. In 2008 they were added to the list of UNESCO´s World Heritage Sites. A reason to explore the French landscapes cycling along the borders exploring the towns built from scratch by Vauban.

  • El Bulli, Spain

    Run by the famous international cheff Ferran Adria, this creativity center was opened in 2014. The site, associated with molecular gastronomy became an international reference when was awarded with three Michelin stars. Spain became in the last 20 year as a reference in terms of gastronomy leadership. Enjoy the visit to Catalunya to enjoy the local food. Visiting by bike, it will be easy for you to reach great local restaurants and bars!

  • The Medes Islands, Spain

    The Medes Islands form an archipelago that offers some of the most spectacular and recognisable images of the Costa Brava. Made up of seven islets, the archipelago has been given natural protected area status due to the richness of its ecosystem, a large reserve of flora and fauna featuring underwater caves rich in red coral and with extensive meadows of Posidonia Oceanica, a diver's paradise! Copyright PTCBGI

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