Recording an album on EuroVelo routes Recording an album on EuroVelo routes

Recording an album on EuroVelo routes

Paul Cheese, a musician, sound artist, producer, singer, cyclist, songwriter and music teacher is set to start a cycle trip in April where he will record his third album solo ‘Just for the Record Three’. We caught up with him to see how the preparations for his trip are going.
Recording an album on EuroVelo routes

Paul Cheese

My bike has been the enabler for many adventures - two of which have been the inspiration for my last two solo albums. The latest of which was written & recorded on a 6000 km cycle across Europe.

During the cycle rides I’m on the hunt for inspirational locations to write and record in and I’ve now written and recorded music in heaps of different locations around the world - on the tops of mountains, to deep underground, old places, new places and even underwater, from phone boxes to ice caves, from the Australian bush to the Grand Canyon.

Why did you decide to go on a EuroVelo trip? 

To capture the sound of adventure You know when you are out on your bike you think of the world and everything…well,  I like to over think all these ideas and use them to create music/songs.
Cycling and adventure is a fantastic muse.

Which EuroVelo Route(s) did you choose and why?
It’s the 25th anniversary of the Forum music venue (one of the UK’s leading grass roots music venues) so  to celebrate this I am cycling to 25 ‘ancient forums’  to create the inspiration for, and to shape the first track for my new solo album.
I used a lot of the Eurovelo routes during the last album cycle trip and found them well signposted. They took me through really scenic locations, so I thought it would be great to explore the possibilities this time by following the following Eurovelo routes where I can:

- EuroVelo 11 - East Europe Route - from Thesaloniki to Athens
- EuroVelo 8 - Mediterranean Route - from Athens to Dubrovnik
- EuroVelo 5 - Via Romea Francigena - from Brindisi to Roma

What made you want to record your third album solo on a cycle trip?
My first solo album ‘Just for the Record’ was written on a 3200km bike trip and took me to the four corners of mainland UK and my second album ‘Just For The Record Too’ was written and recorded on a 6000km cycle starting in Edam (Netherlands), then to Gruyere (Switzerland) over the alps to Gorgonzola (Italy), up into the Pyrenees and then all the way through France to Camembert.
So I thought for my third album I would raise the bar and create a new challenge. Twelve worldwide missions/cycle trips with one song written and recorded on each adventure… The 12 tracks will be the album ‘Just For The Record Three’

What will you play/sing and what type of music/sounds?
I never know what interesting sounds, locations and inspiration I will find on the way. I’m a singer and guitarist and I like to interact with the places I find. As well as writing melodies and playing my guitar, in the past I have used sounds that I’ve found along the way to create rhythms, percussion, etc. For example I’ve used giant crop sprinklers as hi hat drum patterns and you know when you are cycling along and your tyres create a rhythm as they roll over dips in the road surface?… yes, I’ve sampled those and converted them into percussion lines.  On one song on the last album I’ve used the sound of a stone crushing, grain grinding windmill as a bass drum.

How many tracks/songs will you compose?
I’ll write and record one song, the first track for my new album.  A super focused time to explore all the possibilities with sound and build the song as I go. But who knows what I’ll find and what it may lead to for future tracks.

What instruments/equipment will you bring with you to record your album?
I have an Emerald carbon-fibre short scale 12 string guitar, microphones and a portable recording setup (around 45kg) – or equipment on my bike (yep, that makes for cycling up hills a little more challenging) ha ha. I always carry a smart suit with me too, you never know who you are going to meet.

When and where will your trip start and end?
I leave early April, starting in Drama in northern Greece and the first forum I visit will be in Philippi. I’m planning to finish in Rome and all going well I hope to complete the trip in 21 days.

Which places will you visit?
Well, the first two days are planned and then it’s all down to adventure… because I don’t know how far and what the elevation of the day will be I have to plan the trip as every day happens.
I’m heading around the coast of Greece to Albania, then either up to Croatia or over to Italy. Exciting stuff!


How can we follow you during your trip?
You can visit my Pledge music page, my website or on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Do you already have a name for your album?
This will be my 3rd solo album ‘Just for the Record Three’

Where will we be able to buy it when it comes out?

It will be on all digital outlets, Apple music, Spotify ...

I’m really looking forward to the adventure and the music that it will create.
If you are interested in the story and my music, do drop me a message.
If you have any fantastic locations that have great acoustics please do suggest them!
You can send me a message on or my social media.
I look forward to hearing from you along the way!