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Like much of the Mediterranean, Spain is synonymous with sunny beaches, good food and the outdoor lifestyle. Tarifa, the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula, marks the point at which the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. Here, two continents sit within sight of each other. The mere 14 kilometre gap that separates Spain and Morocco has been a major cultural crossroads. Modern Spanish culture is infused with its Moorish heritage and there are many architectural treasures that bear witness to its diverse history.
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Here local culture is king and each region has its own traditions that are very much alive. When travelling up the coast, it is not only the landscapes that change but also the dishes, drinks, festivals and even the language. EuroVelo 8 will bring you through the most emblematic parts of Spain. Andalucía, in the south, is the home of Flamenco; the region of Murcia is the beating heart of Spain’s agriculture; Valencia is the home of Paella and Cataluna has world-famous cityscapes.


The route is currently not fully realised.  In the future, it will pass from the french border to Cadiz, passing through the mediterranean coast. Since march 2013 the Pirinexus route is open, including the initial part of Eurovelo8 from the border to Sant Feliu de Guíxols.

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