In the Mediterranean, there is simply no mountain landscape comparable to Montenegro. Now it is more and more accessible to cyclists too, with some 300 km of on- and off- road biking trails mapped out for you to discover. EuroVelo 8 will pass by Boka Bay: Herceg Novi, Tivat and Kotor – a UNESCO world heritage site, on the way through two incredibly nice National Parks (Lovcen and Skadar Lake) to Sukobin cross border.
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There are many things to see when cycling along the Montenegrin coast.The beauty of the hilly landscape is second to none. The bay of Kotor is a treasure cave and is certainly one of the highlights of the whole route. The tiny round island of Mamula, which guards the entrance to the bay was fortified by the Austrian general Lazar Mamula in the 19th century. Once you pass the town of Herceg Novi with its very Mediterranean amphitheatre and small parasol-lined beaches you enter the first of two sections of the Kotor Bay. In the deepest depths of the bay you will find the town of Kotor. It is complete with some of the best kept medieval settlements in this part of the Mediterranean.



photo credit: amira_a (flickr.com)

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